ARTICLE: Artist Profile – Napra Magazine Nov/Dec 2000

Annette Cantor and Shanti Shivani

Sacred Fusion"Shivani studied East Indian Dhrupad music during an eight-year pilgrimage. She has led workshops in Europe and the U.S. as a sound healer, Nada yoga instructor, and specialist in East Indian spiritual vocals. Additionally Shanti has both performed and recorded dhrupad, meditative and improvisational music.

Cantor has been performing Western classical music since childhood. She studied voice, violin, and breath therapy at the Vienna School for Music and Dramatic Arts. Since coming to the U.S. to explore therapeutic arts, she has recorded two CD’s and received certification as a teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Magic began when these ladies settled in Santa Fe, NM, and Annette enrolled in a class given by Shanti on "The Yoga of Sound" for pregnant women. As their acquaintance ripened, "the vision of Sacred Fusion…to create…a sacred space" matured into concerts and workshops, then this CD.

In dhrupad tradition, ragas reach toward music’s spiritual dimension and voice is the supreme vehicle. Gregorian chant embraces a similar devotional basis, and these artists discovered that Gregorian chants use the old Greek scales, which are the same as the old Indian scales. They began with improvisation, and now intertwine these two styles so perfectly it seems destiny was awaiting their two voices: one satin and one silk ribbon, forming a perfect tonal braid.

Sharing composing, arranging and producer’s duties, Cantor contributes soprano voice, violin, and tambura to the mix, and contralto Shivani sings and plays tambura and monochord. Shakuhachi, sitar, tables, doumbek, pakhawaj, and zither also make an appearance. Sacred Fusion also donates a portion of their profits to specific charities (see "New CD’s for Causes,"p. 18). Great purpose. Great music!