Review of Nada Yoga DVD by Mount Shasta Magazine

Title:Sound Yoga/Nada Yoga: The Healing Power of Sacred Sound
Artist:Shanti Shivani
ISBN/UPC: 8-09573-96099-1

In this program, rare and respected Western and female authority Shanti Shivani presents some fundamentals of Nada Yoga, the Sound Yoga from the Hindu or Vedic tradition. Shivani reminds us that Greek musicology is suspected to have come from Indian music culture. This fact, and the experience of participating in the simple and powerful principles, toning, and ragas she presents, generate a powerful felt sense of the universality, profound creativity and transformational potential of sound, when generated and sculpted with mindfulness and pureness of heart.

Shivani, adorned in a yellow sari, sits with radiant grace and gentle authority amid a sumptuously dressed set and guides us through exercises of increasing complexity, doing so with pacing and repetition sufficient to promote quite a stirring personal experience. This is just a taste and yet it feels like a substantial immersion into a marvelous, mystical, nearly forgotten world. The presentation both whets the appetite for more and makes clear that even these few offerings warrant time, respect and surrender to fully explore and master.

MT. Shasta Magazine