Sound Yoga/Nada Yoga DVD

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"He who knows the secret of the sounds knows the mystery of the whole universe."- Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan

"Your Nada Yoga DVD is an incredible gift, pure magic. You present the practices at a pace that are clear and easy to follow, with the key being to relax into each movement, breath and vocalization. After only a week of daily practice I can tell the difference in how my energies are balanced and harmonized. Working with the rise of kundalini and the nadam's inner vibration can be tricky so I really do appreciate how profoundly helpful your sharing of the Dhrupad nada yoga tradition is." - Glenn Russell, Publisher

"I watched your Sound Yoga/Nada Yoga video tonight and wanted to express to you how healing and opening your work is for me. I experienced a profound opening of my voice and deep healing of my heart by experiencing the video again. It's a wonderful, high-level yet accessible introduction to your substantial body of work and the powerful lineage you come from. Thank you so much for making this available on DVD." - Julia Papps, Teacher of Tantric Dance

"The DVD is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ! The whole thing is excellently put together. You look wonderful, a master of your art, and the teaching is top notch, clear, the whole presentation smooth. The set is lovely, and I liked the way the colors of the cloud sequences contrasted with the flame colors of the set. Well done!" - Nirvan Hope, Artist/Astrologer

In this beautiful and enlightening presentation, internationally acclaimed teacher, vocalist and sound healer Shanti Shivani introduces the mystic practice of NadaYoga (the Yoga of Sound) as a means of healing, empowerment and self-realization. Nada Yoga is the core of Dhrupad, the most ancient style of Hindustani Classical Music. Originally only sung by priests in the temples as an act of worship, it induces a deep meditative state in the singer as well as the listener.

Drawing upon her extensive training and experience in the Dhrupad tradition, Shivani presents specific body movements and vocal techniques designed to free the natural voice, develop awareness of the breath and body, stimulate the innate healing potential and access the sacred within. She also offers instruction in the basic vocal exercises of the ancient Indian raga (modal) system and more specifically in Raga Bhairav, the ‘sunrise mode’ that invokes the state of inner peace. These time-honored techniques are designed to clear the emotional body, balance the chakras (subtle energy centers), enhance intuition and creative expression, harmonize body, mind and soul and bring a new level of inner peace, health and harmony.



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Sacred Fusion

"...Sacred Fusion takes the listener on a journey that bridges the sacred sounds of East and West. It is uncanny how exquisitely it all fits together. Cantor's training in Gregorian chant and Western classical music provides a familiar soothing base on top of which Shivani lays in her raga-related ethereal vocals. This is sacred singing as healing balm, the instrumental support propelling that balm into all crevices of the body, mind and soul."
- Stephen Powell, music critic of The Independent, Santa Fe

"...New Mexico's best music album of the year."
- Albuquerque Journal

"I frequently play pieces from your album "Sacred Fusion" in my Tantric dance classes. It is some of the most ideal music for gently and profoundly opening the deepest realms of the physical and energetic bodies. As an accompaniment, "Sacred Fusion" brings in an added level of healing and connection to the sacred. Your music is truly a transmission from a deep and powerful lineage." - Julia Papps, Teacher of Tantric Dance

Shanti Shivani: Dhrupad vocals, tambura, monochord
Annette Cantor: soprano voice, violin, tambura
Sudama Kennedy: sitar, shakuhachi, zither
Jeffrey Lidke: tablas
Tobias Roberson: doumbek

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Intimate Flame

A meeting of the ecstatic poetry of the North Indian saints of the 16th century, Mirabai and Lalla, and the celestial Dhrupad vocal music sung by Shanti Shivani.

"Listening to Shanti's Dhrupad singing after the passing of my mother helped me transform my grief. This music brought me to a deep place of inner peace which expressed itself in my paintings."
- Brad Wright, artist, musician

Shanti Shivani: Dhrupad vocals, tambura
Gabrielle: Poetry recitation
Phil Hollenbeck: Pakhawaj (drum)

Composed and arranged by Shanti Shivani & Gabrielle

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Felix Woschek: vocals, flute, acoustic & electric guitar, keyboards, tambura
Shanti Shivani Maffey: Dhrupad vocals
Sultan Khan: sarangi, vocals
Raimund Engelhart: tablas, santoor
Gesine Baenfer: soprano-saxophone and others

Composed and arranged by Felix Woschek

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Nada Yoga Practice CD #1

This practice CD contains

- basic voice-opening practices
- exercises in Raga Bhairav
- exercises in Raga Bhairavi
- exercises in the major scale
- exercises in Raga Yaman

Each exercise is followed by a tambura only section for individual practice

Shanti Shivani: Dhrupad vocals, tambura

Available as a CD for $ 15