"Shanti is one of the few people in the world to have received instruction in the practice of Nada Yoga, an ancient science that maximizes one's capacity to sing through a very sophisticated understanding of the relationship of the body to breath to the subtle energy centers.This combination of classical vocal training combined with the esoteric science of Nada Yoga makes Shanti a living treasure." Jeffrey Litke, Prof. Religious Studies, Berry University

"A powerful spiritual presence. As a teacher and performer, Shanti becomes the embodiment of her name - peace - which she transmits purely to others." Joanne Hoover, music critic Albuquerque Journal, former director Levine School of Music, Washington, D.C..

"You have before you a woman most accomplished as a Dhrupad singer and Nada Yoga teacher...I have sat in her presence and found her ability to transmit Shakti most developed indeed." Bhagavan Das, yogi, devotional singer

"Shanti Shivani's exquisite voice transmits a purity, clarity and depth of feeling that is rare. When she sings, it is as though the great Goddess herself is speaking directly to you, filling you with her warmth, light and divine grace." Sharron Rose, dancer/choreographer, author of "The Path of the Priestess"

"What was impressive in this seminar (at Kamalaya on Koh Samui, Thailand) is a voice healer, Ms. Shanti singing “The Grand Declaration”, and everybody sang it following her. Of course, she sang in Japanese. It was very touching. I recorded it on a tape, so I will photograph the crystals of water exposed to it back in Japan." Dr. Masaru Emoto (Author of the "Hidden Messages in Water" etc.)

"Shanti's physical tones rejoice the heart, her metaphysical tones vibrate the chakras and rejoice the soul." Alan Oken, internationally known astrologer and metaphysician

"The most uplifting experience of sound!
To be with Shanti sparks a light of inner beauty all around. She is grounding, patient, sweet, healing, wise & kind. Each class I cherish as a timeless treasure to keep and intertwine in harmony with everyday life."
Cayla Blue Campbell, 19 yr. old

"It would take a lot for me to miss my class with Shanti Shivani. It revives me and soothes me, challenges me and sustains me, stretches my mind to surrender and holds my heart tender. Such is the nature of the music, the Nada Yoga, gifted to me during this class. Shanti knows her craft well and imparts to us the precise message and the subtle nuances. I am growing in something beautiful that I had believed I could never do. I honor the Spirit in Shanti." Christy, massage therapist

"Shanti's music transported me to a place of greater divinity." Martyn Williams, world renowned expedition leader

"As a Westerner with an ear untrained in Eastern vocal music, I was deeply touched by Shanti's performance - it awakened a deep appreciation of the sacred sound of Dhrupad." Nirvan Hope, artist & astrologer

"Shanti Shivani's work is beautiful and powerful. Whether singing, teaching, or healing, she is at once grounded in the source and a medium for Spirit. Her sound healing sessions are near-shamanic and often life - changing, and her singing - in the ancient Hindustani Dhrupad style - is divine. I feel fortunate indeed to call Shanti Shivani my teacher and healer." D.D. Wigley, musician

"Shanti Shivani, with her specific movements for coordinating body, breath, and voice, has helped me with my voice more than any other teacher. In her classes she is able to convey the nuances and subtleties of Indian Dhrupad music in such a way that students are freed to create their own inner melodies. When I attend a concert with Shanti Shivani I am carried on a journey into deep levels of consciousness where profound healing occurs. Her ability to access healing consciousness is most evident in her sound healing sessions. After a session with Shanti, I felt that my subtle and even physical bodies had been purified and I experienced a sense of lightness and joy." Dorothy Deviyani Seeger

"I take a class weekly with Shanti. A lifelong high-strung east coaster, our weekly singing and meditation has become a profoundly important part of my life. Used to rushing about and stuck in my rapid-fire thoughts, Shanti's class is a place where, for an hour or more in the week, the busy thoughts cease. As i've grown into the practice over the past months, it has become a time that centers and clears me, an anchor point. Lately,I have felt a high, or exaltation, that soars for hours. Classes are one of the singularly best experiences of my life." Rose Shuman, Marketing Manager

"Your Nada Yoga DVD is an incredible gift, pure magic. You present the practices at a pace that is clear and easy to follow, with the key being to relax into each movement, breath and vocalization. After only a week of daily practice I can tell the difference in how my energies are balanced and harmonized. Working with the rise of kundalini and the nadam's inner vibration can be tricky, so I really do appreciate how profoundly helpful your sharing of the Dhrupad nada yoga tradition is." Champaka Glenn, Publisher

About Sacred Fusion

"A beautiful blend of two voices that transport you into the timeless awareness of your existence." C.G. Deuter, musician & international recording artist

"This is the most extraordinary combination of voices, beings and cultures. Listen and listen and discover what beauty is to the ear and heart. What a glorious and sensitive music." Joan Halifax, Buddhist teacher and author

"Shanti Maffey and Annette Cantor are a musical testimony to the reality that East is truly meeting West. The exquisite merging of Shanti's contralto voice with Annette's soprano voice creates meditational music that is a meeting ground where all the music is rising heavenward. Beautiful music by two beautiful ladies!" Edith Hathaway, vedic astrology consultant, writer, lecturer

"Listening to the gifts offered by Shanti Shivani and Annette Cantor strikes timeless chords within the sanctuary of the Heart and transports each one into a journey musically embracing the essence of prior golden ages." Dr. Joshua David Stone, PhD Transpersonal Psychology, spiritual teacher

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