Shanti Shivani's sound healing sessions are based on her inner guidance and consist of

  • opening up the marma points (energy points in Ayurveda) of the body with her hands
  • using different musical instruments such as singing bowls, cymbals, bell, rainstick, rattle, monochord, tambura, flute and drum to release blockages and harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • using her voice as a musical instrument to bring through the sounds or songs that are beneficial for the process taking place in the client
  • the application of Aura Soma pomanders to the astral body to close holes in the aura
  • the use of the Aura Soma Quintessences of the Ascended Masters to connect with their energy and bring it through
  • the use of mantras and visualizations that arise spontaneously

Every session is unique as every person is unique. Shanti Shivani goes totally by her intuition in regard to what instruments she feels drawn to using, how she plays them, which sounds and songs come through. She also uses hands-on-healing and receives images pertaining to the clients spiritual guides, past life experiences, present traumas and problems. She may be guided to give a certain practice or mantra to her client.

Her extensive experience in working with sound has led her to understand that there are many valid systems and tools. What is of prime importance as a sound healer is that a daily, consistent inner practice is what opens up your intuition and to understand which tools and practices one resonates with.

Shanti Shivani has been practicing meditation of the Hindu and Buddhist tradition for 38 years and has been working with sound intensively for 25 years. She has trained and is still training extensively in Nada Yoga and Dhrupad vocal music. She completed the last year of Fabien Maman's 3-year training at the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement in Vevey, Switzerland, and received the 1st and 2nd degree Reiki initiation. She studied hatha yoga in India and Tai Deharde's Wholistic Body/Mind Training (movement discipline integrating sound to open up the body) for four years in Freiburg, Germany as well as Qi Gong and Wu Chi with Lama Lekshe Gyaltsen and Unity in Motion with Cristiam. Shanti has also studied ways of working with color, visualization, mantras and chakras with the late Harish Johari and spiritual healing with Dr. Vasant Ladd of the Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque. She has also participated in ceremonies and retreats with many indigenous healers and spiritual teachers.

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"Shanti Shivani's Sound Healing sessions are like Soul Retrieval work, in that they connect you with parts of yourself from the past that need to be reintegrated." - Nancy Quensi, sound healer, Seattle

"Soul Hygiene at its best. A must for everyone!" - Martina Williams, seminar facilitator for "The Journey of the Soul"

"Very effective. I felt as if I was a musical instrument being carefully tuned. Every sound seemed to be meant for me in some mysterious way." - Prakriti Das, tabla player

"My sound healing session with Shanti was a wonderful experience. Shanti was able to draw upon her rich background in vocal training as well as the healing arts to bring me to a state of deep relaxation and transcendance. Months later I'm still using the insights gained to help guide my life." - Chris Morda, musician, educator, sound healer, Seattle

"Shanti Shivani's healing session helped me to heal on a deep level, to shift energy blocks and to create wonderful changes in my life in an incredibly short time. She shares her skill and experience with grace and is a master teacher." - Tamara Watson, sound healer, Canada

"When I attend a concert with Shanti Shivani I am carried on a journey into deep levels of consciousness where profound healing occurs. Her ability to access healing consciousness is most evident in her sound healing sessions. After a session with Shanti, I felt that my subtle and even physical bodies had been purified and I experienced a sense of lightness and joy." - Dorothy Deviyani Seeger, teacher

"Shanti Shivani's work is beautiful and powerful. Whether singing, teaching, or healing, she is at once grounded in the source and a medium for Spirit. Her sound healing sessions are near-shamanic and often life - changing, and her singing - in the ancient Hindustani Dhrupad style - is divine. I feel fortunate indeed to call Shanti Shivani my teacher and healer." - D.D. Wigley, musician

"Shivani's work with me was excellent. Her use of sound to make contact with my energy system really brought me to life from the inside. Although the session was strong, it was in no way invasive - always creating the space to allow the work to happen naturally. I was particularly impressed by Shivani's use of form - she began with direct contact on the body to ground what was to follow, and deepened the work with the use of Tibetan bowls, cymbals, bell and shamanic rattles until I was in an open altered state of consciousness. Once I was in that deep and receptive condition she concluded the session with an improvised vocal piece that felt completely personal to me in that moment. It was a very moving experience that contacted many aspects of my life story." - Gary Roba, Cranio-Sacral therapist, Bali / USA